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Equipe de Recherche EDT (Exploration de Documents Textuels)

Team members

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Pr Halim sayoud (Chef d'Equipe / Team Head)

Full Professor. Email: halim.sayoud(at)univ-edt(dot)com 

Pr Siham Ouamour (Member)

Full Professor.  Email: siham.ouamour(at)univ-edt(dot)com

Mr Salah Khennouf (Member)

Ass. Prof. / Researcher. Email: khenouf.salah(at)gmail(dot)com

Ms Samira Bourib (Member)

Lecturer/ Researcher. Email: bouribsamira(at)gmail(dot)com

The PhD students:

-H. Hadjadj, -K. Abainia (Dr), -W. Kennai, -Z. Hamadache, -D. Fellague, -N. Bakir.


Lab Equipment

Here is a list of our equipment

-Stereo Audio Preamplifiers
-Professioal Microphones (Shure)
-Professional Camera

Our Research Fields


Will be announced -i-.